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V-Tree Equities Investment company
Investments and business acceleration
About us

V-Tree Equities

is an investment company built upon capitals and expertise of a group of individual investors with experience in private equity as well as in starting up and managing businesses since 1993.
Our experience includes working with companies on the various stages of lifecycle and in different industries, from manufacturers, retailers, corporate financial services providers and investment banking boutiques to SaaS services with worldwide coverage, digital marketing agencies and mobile application developers. Also we have decades-long track record of M&A transactions including those conducted for third-parties, both on sell and buy sides.
Our strategy is investing on early stages in the privately held companies with growth potential, improving their management, developing and implementing growth strategies and gaining the return either via dividends or trade sale exits.
The support we provide to business owners and top managers includes strategy, marketing, team motivation, financial management, international corporate structure and tax planning, and many more. Our quarter-century experience of navigating businesses through transition economies and numerous economic crises allows us to address most of the challenges that companies and their owners may face either at early stages or during turbulent times of changing the strategy and/or business model. We don’t just invest money, we bring in our expertise, knowledge, business connections and personal commitment.

Selected portfolio companies:
Affise is an IT company offering cloud-based Software-as-a-Service for analyzing, managing and optimizing mobile performance marketing operations for digital advertising agencies, networks and advertisers. The company has offices in Lithuania, Belarus, India, China, Israel and Cyprus.
RedTrack is an IT start-up offering SaaS toolkit for increasing the productivity ad efficiency of media-buyers working for advertisers and agencies in mobile performance marketing.

Selected exits:

Garantiya Insurance Company
Founded back in 1998, the company was acquired in 2007 and its strategy had been fundamentally changed. In just a few years Garantiya has become one of the leaders of bank assurance in Belarus. In 2016 the company was successfully sold to a strategic investor and re-branded after that.  
Medin is a manufacturing company producing a wide range of hospital and surgical equipment under own brand with strong presence in Russia, Central Asia and other developing markets. Exit was conducted via spin-off in favor of V-Tree of Medin’s metal processing subsidiary and strategic pivot of the latter.
Our Team
Vladimir Vassilevski
Experienced entrepreneur, top manager and advisor. His carrier sites over 25 years of C-level positions in financial services, consulting, investment banking and private equity.
On top of his Math and Engineering background Vladimir holds graduate degree in Economics and Executive MBA diploma (Kozminski University, Poland).
Mr. Vassilevski has vast experience in managing corporate finance, brokerage and insurance businesses, working as a regional director for US-based private equity fund, founding a leading investment advisory in Belarus and personally closing 10+ acquisitions and divestments.
Vladimir is an expert in international corporate structures and taxation, financial and legal issues, M&A transactions. He holds Board positions in a number of companies in the USA, China, India, Belarus, Lithuania.
Denis Vassilyev
An entrepreneur and executive with experience in general management and corporate restructurings since 1993.
Education: Math and Engineering, international business programs and courses. br Mr. Vassilyev’s carrier includes CEO, COO and board cairman/member positions in financial services, food retail, real estate management and manufacturing.
Denis’ key expertise areas are: manufacturing management, building and managing real estate portfolios, running and extending food retail chains; Mr. Vassilyev is an expert in human resources, corporate governance and property/ownership restructuring.
Maxim Voronkov
Serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in starting-up, developing and managing businesses in online marketing, advertising, and web development. At various stages of his career Maxim took part in numerous projects in financial, digital and online services.
Mr. Voronkov holds degree in marketing and management (Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK) and is an expert in strategic marketing and business acceleration at early stages.
Maxim’s track record includes being a co-founder, investor, CMO and CEO in companies of the online industries, on top of that he has experience in M&A transactions with digital assets. Mr. Voronkov currently chairs the Boards of several internet companies.